Sep 3, 2007

Lymphadema Research Funded

I just found out about this campaign and I think it's awesome! I'm all about supporting research to cure breast cancer and I appreciate that they recognize Lymphadema as a separate problem that needs research focused towards it. I don't know anyone personally that sells Longaberger Products, but here's a link to their company

The Longaberger Basket Company announced that it has broadened its 2007 Horizon of Hope fundraising campaign by extending it through September and making Horizon of Hope products available online nationwide.

For the first time, the campaign -- which historically has run from July through August -- will continue through September 30.

Proceeds from the sale of Horizon of Hope products go to breast cancer research and awareness programs of the American Cancer Society.

Since the launch of the campaign in 1995, Longaberger, its Home Consultants and the American Cancer Society have partnered to raise more than $12 million and reach an estimated 19 million women with potentially life-saving information.

Each year, The Longaberger Company designs a special basket sold exclusively during the campaign. With every purchase of a Horizon of Hope product, $2 goes to the American Cancer Society for programs aimed at:

  • Improving the quality of and access to mammography services.
  • Improving breast imaging quality standards.
  • Improving the quality of clinical breast examination.
  • Improving the quality of life for young survivors and women with breast cancer recurrence.
  • Lymphedema research. Lymphedema is a chronic and debilitating swelling of the arm caused by the destruction of the lymphatic vessels during the removal of lymph nodes or damage to them by radiation therapy. It is a possible side effect of breast cancer treatment.

Horizon of Hope was established in 1995 to raise funds for breast cancer research and education and to reach out to millions of women with helpful information about the importance of early detection. For more information about Horizon of Hope please visit

To learn more about breast cancer and the importance of early detection, visit the American Cancer Society at

Founded in 1973, The Longaberger Company is America's premier maker of handcrafted baskets and offers a variety of other home and lifestyle products, including pottery and other tableware, wrought iron, fabric accessories, jewelry, handbags and specialty foods. There are approximately 45,000 independent Home Consultants located in all U.S. states who sell Longaberger products directly to customers.

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