Aug 24, 2007

March 6 is Lymphedema Awareness Day in NJ

New Jersey recently passed, "Three bills and a resolution sponsored by Assemblyman Eric Munoz, MD, that provide for the protection and health of New Jersey’s children and raises awareness about a debilitating condition, were signed into law Monday by Governor Jon Corzine.

Munoz, a well respected medical professional, advocates for the health and well being of student athletes and others suffering from debilitating conditions.

“With the passage of SJR-31/AJR-99, we will also shed light on the plight of those who suffer from Lymphedema, a very painful and devastating condition” said Munoz. “Those of us who enjoy good health often don’t realize the obstacles faced by individuals suffering with a debilitating condition like Lymphedema."

SJR-31 (AJR-99)-– Designates March 6th of each year as “Lymphedema Awareness Day” to raise awareness about the treatment needs and severity of lymphedema and to honor lymphedema patients. Lymphedema is a debilitating and intensely painful condition that causes swelling in the arms, legs and other areas of the body. It may result in disfigurement and has the potential to cause severe infections or loss of limbs.

Four Munoz-Sponsored Bills Signed into Law

This is really fantastic! I think we should all write to our senators and congresspeople and have March 6 declared "Lymphedema Awareness Day" in every state in the nation. If we do that, maybe the insurance companies will wake up and realize that Lymphedema is a serious medical condition. I find it frustrating right now that my insurance won't help pay for my physical therapy or compression garments, but if I lose my ability to walk, they will pay for a wheelchair! What kind of sense does that make? It's sad to see that there are people that need help but it's the insurance companies, and not necessarily their doctors, who decides what help they get! Crazy.

Don't forget to wear your blue lymphedema ribbon to raise awareness - there's a link at the bottom of the page if you need to get one.

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