Feb 1, 2008

Big Lue Needs Help

This article was in the Belize Newspaper "The Reporter" please contact them for more information or with any questions you have about the following story:

“I need the surgery ,so I can work and to help save my Life.”- says 630 pound north side Belize City resident Lewelyn Meighan.

People all over the world are constantly battling with weight issues. Llewelyn “Big Lue” Meighan, 29, is also a member of that club.

Weighing in at 630 lbs, Meighan, a former tourguide bus driver needs to take two surgeries in Guatemala, and desperately needs assistance.

Meighan, a resident of 18 Castle Street weighed 425 lbs in 2006, but his weight has ballooned to 630 lbs. He needs a gastric by-pass surgery as well as another surgery to remove the lymphedema from both his legs, and is humbly appealing to the general public for assistance.

He told the Reporter, “I need to get the surgery so I could get my life back together.” He continued,” any assistance will be appreciated, nothing is too small or too large. After the surgery I will be able to walk as a normal man,” he exclaimed.

His extreme weight and the complications caused by Lymph-edema has left him unable to work, because he is unable to walk, and he has to be confined to his home. He is unable to provide for himself because he has no income, and he said he is surviving with the assistance of his neighbours and his brother that help from time to time.

Meighan told the Reporter that in 2006 he had enrolled in nutritionist’s, Karen Rosito Program for Health & Fitness. At that time he weighed 425 pounds but was unable to keep up with the program because of his work schedule.

Rosito confirmed to the Reporter that for a very brief time she had worked with him. “He has a lot of water tension. The first surgery he should do the Balloon surgery,” said Rosito.

The appeal for help may sound trite, but this young man is appealing to the general public for financial assistance especially from business, hospitals and doctors.

He can be reached by phone at 605-6615, or direct contributions to his account at the Holy Redeemer Credit Union, number 47675.

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